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Sky Cubacub interview with Spencer Nieto


Artist Bio: Rebirth Garments are designed and made by hand by Sky Cubacub. Sky is a non-binary queer and disabled Filipinx human from Chicago, IL with life long anxiety and panic disorders. Sky first dreamed of this collection while in high school and couldn’t find a place where they could buy a chest binder as a person who was under 18, and who didn't have access to a credit card to buy one online. Sky is especially interested in Rebirth Garments being accessible to queer and disabled youth and is working on creating a program for making free/reduced priced garments for people in need.

In Sky’s practice, the intensive hand work makes the process the most important part and gives them inspiration. Chainmaille has been the catalyst to every other medium that they excel in; all of the mediums Sky enjoys are obsessive and have repetitive patterns. It is the slow, thoughtful process that holds value and heals Sky’s mind. Through chainmaille, Sky has found their patience. For Sky, everyday is a performance where they bring their body as a kinetic sculpture into the consciousness of the people they interact with in passing and on a daily basis. Sky embodies the spirit of Radical Visibility, and Rebirth Garments is their soft armor. Sky considers it armor because it has the power to give them the confidence and strength to feel comfortable in their first skin. Sky has been building their self this armor or protection, not against harm exactly, but as a way to give them courage. Chainmaille and Rebirth Garments are a prosthetic for the communication of Sky’s inner world. Sky’s body, Sky’s identity and Sky’s prosthesis are one cohesive being.[1]

[1] Cubacub, Sky. "Rebirth Garments." Rebirth Garments. Accessed June 06, 2019.