Catherine Cajandig

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Spring 5-24-2017


Interview with Catherine Cajandig by Rebecca Murphy



Catherine Cajandig is a painter, printmaker, muralist and curator. At an early age, she showed an interest in art that was encouraged by her parents and teachers. She attended classes in the SAIC Junior School. In 1960, she was juried into The Chicago Society of Artists and has remained an active member. She has served as a board member that included various committees and was the President for one year. She is the committee chairwoman that publishes the yearly CSA Print and Drawing Calendar.

Her images are of personal topics and observations, developed through series and recurring themes. She enjoys mixing mediums, techniques, materials, and realism with abstraction. Her interest in printmaking and artists led her to lithographs, linocuts and monoprints. Her early works were in oil, now, she works with water base materials, linocuts, monotypes and acrylics. She has exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Nicaragua. She has had 28 solo exhibitions. Her work is published in books and art magazines and is in the collection of the El Paso Museum TX., Concordia College Chicago, and represented in the Platt Fine Art Gallery. Chicago and many private collections. She received a BAE and MAE from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in painting and printmaking, a MFA from Instituto Allende, Univ. of Guanajuato, Mexico in mural painting and studied Japanese Printmaking, Ukiyo-e with Ansei Uchima. She has been an Art Instructor and Adjunct Assoc. Prof. at Univ of Illinois at Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, Vermont College and Chicago Public Schools.

Many of her murals are on Chicago’s west side, including Center for Neighborhood Technology, Clemente High School, and Whitney Young Magnet High School, Mozart Park and Vacaville Calif. Most recent mural: “Children Are Our Future”, cement relief, mosaic and paint, part of The Chicago Highline 606 Project: Original in 1970 and restored in 2016 repaired with new cement and new painting design and poetry.