Napoleon Translations

Title of Original Work

Proclamations de Napoléon en Egypte

Author(s) of Translation

Janet Swatscheno
Patricia Denci

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Date of Translation Publication


Original Work Publication Date

January 1808

Translator's Note

In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte led a somewhat unsuccessful military campaign into Egypt in order to seize control of Middle Eastern commerce and weaken Britain’s ability to trade with India. Napoleon led several military initiatives including the successful battle of the Pyramids against the Mamluks while another unsuccessful fight, against the British, during the battle of the Nile. One aspect of Napoleon’s campaign was to gain the trust of the Egyptian people and he therefore issued proclamations that stated his respect for the Islamic religion and his intention of liberating the Egyptian people from the ruling Mamluks. Napoleon and his armies were only in Egypt for a short period of time; Napoleon’s official departure was on August 24th 1799. Despite Napoleon leaving, the naval campaign in Egypt continued until September 1801. The following documents are some of the many speeches, proclamations, letters, and addresses made during Napoleon’s stay in Egypt.