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Cynthia VanDeMark’s map, created in GEO 441 (GIS for Community Development), uses data collected from to show locations of 115 “local” coffee locations and 123 Dunkin’ Donut locations. Local coffee houses are defined as those that are unique to their area and not corporate chains such as Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. The kernel density map on the left shows that local coffee houses are spatially concentrated in the north, near west, and downtown areas of Chicago. The second map shows proposed sites for new local coffee house locations defined as tracts that have high population density (10k per square mile) in proximity (a mile) to a CTA rail train but don’t have existing local coffee houses.

A recent report from the US Bureau of Labor (2014) predicts that service and management, arts, science, and business jobs are going to increase in the next 10 years while production jobs are going to decrease. Communities might consider how local coffee houses help create community, as local coffee houses may serve as a “third place” (first is home and second is work) more often than fast food locations such as Dunkin’ Donuts, that could facilitate advancements in social networking and career changes residents are aiming to achieve.


coffee, Chicago, small business, networking, retail, density

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