About This Journal

The DePaul Journal for Social Justice promotes discussion of policy and issues, encourages submissions of interdisciplinary work and expands student opportunities for learning. The discussions offer legal professions, practitioners, community-based leaders, academics and students, the opportunity to voice their concerns, share their unique experiences, offer radical viewpoints and propose solutions. These Journal articles reflect the experiences of the authors and the thought-provoking commentaries inspire readers. The Journal explores alternative publication formats and expands content options to broaden access and better engage readers.


The DePaul Journal for Social Justice (ISSN 2151-3090) is a biannual publication created with support by the DePaul University College of Law and the Center for Public Interest Law, 25 E. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604-2287. Beginning in 2015 (Vol. 9(1)), the DePaul Journal for Social Justice transitioned to an electronic format. Our publications are now free of charge to our readers, and can be found directly on this website.