The DePaul Journal for Social Justice promotes discussion of social justice and international human rights law policy issues, encourages submissions of interdisciplinary work, and accepts work with a non-conventional presentation. The discussions involve legal professionals, including community-based leaders, academics and students. Though the journal uses a traditional law review framework, it also explores alternative types of publication and expands content options to broaden access and better engage readers.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2 Summer 2020

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Edlira Shero and Vanessa Kamberis

Articles Selection Editor
Ezra Graham Lintner

Articles Editor
Olivia Carr

Citations Editor
Michael Hoyt

Symposium Editor
Sadaf Siddiqui-Khaja

Acquisitions Editor
Bridget Briody

Senior Research Staff
Kelsey Sloop
Robert Pirages

Research Staff
Brielle Berndtson
Mary Ballow
Patrisia Vekima
Cara Filippelli
Avneet Chawla
Jessica Petrovski