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Welcome to the second Honors Student Conference: Spotlight on Research and Creativity. Over sixty students from the DePaul University Honors Programs will present their exciting and original work at this conference. Presentations will feature innovative arguments, distinctive interpretations, and ambitious research findings developed over the course of the year. Our conference allows the presenters to share what they’ve learned with a broad audience of fellow students, faculty, staff, family and friends. Thank you for joining us to cheer them on!

This conference showcases the work of forty-two outstanding Honors Program seniors who have taken “the road less traveled” and opted to complete their senior capstone requirement by producing a thesis. Honors thesis projects involve independent research and writing conducted across two quarters under the close supervision of a thesis director and a faculty reader. These innovative projects have been designed by some of our most visionary and ambitious honors seniors. Thesis students draw on questions, theories, frameworks, and ideas that emanate from their course work, and then add inspiration and fresh insight to produce original projects that expand our collective horizons.

In addition, nineteen other Honors students took up the challenge of applying for admission to the conference. They submitted some of their best work to the Honors Conference Selection Committee and met the benchmark for high-quality creative and scholarly work. Their projects have been organized into a series of panels and poster sessions moderated by Honors faculty. Please join us in also celebrating their fine work.

On behalf of the students whose work is featured at this conference, I want to thank the many DePaul faculty mentors who have given generously of their time and worked closely with the presenters to develop these exciting projects. Honors Program staff members Nancy Grossman, Jennifer Kosco, and Briana Briscoe deserve a special note of thanks for carrying out all of the behind-the-scenes work required to plan and organize an event of this magnitude, and doing it with such professionalism and grace. Finally, I want to thank interim Dean Lucy Rinehart, College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, for her enthusiastic support for this initiative.

Offering my hearty congratulations to all,

Rose Spalding
Professor, Political Science
Director, University Honors Program

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2015 Honors Student Conference: Spotlight on Research and Creativity