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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, teacher expectations, knowledge of ADHD, elementary school teachers, self-efficacy


The current study sought to inform the literature on teacher variables related to expectations for students with ADHD. The study examined the relationships among teachers’ knowledge about ADHD, self-efficacy, and their expectations about how ADHD behaviors affect the child, the classroom environment, and the teacher’s own well-being. Results indicated self-efficacy was positively related to teachers' knowledge of ADHD. Teachers with higher knowledge also tended to have higher self-efficacy; however, it remains unknown whether one is causally related to the other. No significant relationships were found among teachers' knowledge of ADHD or their self-efficacy and expectations for problems. Finally, unlike previous studies, the current study did not find that experience teaching students with ADHD was significantly related to ADHD knowledge. Possible reasons for these findings, study limitations, and implications for future research are discussed.