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Women's & Gender Studies


Clara Muhammad, Betty Shabazz, Black Muslim Women, legacy, motherhood


The thesis analyzes the legacies of Clara Muhammad and Betty Shabazz through their children, Imam W.D. Muhammad and Ilyasah Shabazz, and the impact they maintained through communal relationships. By utilizing secondary texts, audio, internal documents, and speeches, the project seeks to understand the impact of legacy on Muslim communities in America and the legacy their children leave behind. The argument for the thesis centers around Muhammad and Shabazz's relationships to emphasize the significance of Black American Muslim women cultivating a community through their interpretations of Islam, which offer a unique spiritual and political consciousness. Using the story of Hajaar and motherhood as a framework, the paper shifts understandings of motherhood from an Islamic perspective to show the importance of Muhammad and Shabazz's legacy as members of their communities.