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body, Cavarero, feminism, postcoloniality, singularity


This dissertation explores the place of the body in the history of philosophy to argue that despite the fact that the history of Western philosophy is well known for repudiating the body, in philosophy, the body nevertheless does a lot of work. Yet, the body of which philosophy speaks of is a universal body that does not find itself in any singular physical body, thus, the dissertation argues, in order to properly think the body, a mode of philosophical inquiry that does not aim for universality and instead values singularity is necessary. The work of Adriana Cavarero is at the center of the project whose ouvre has argued for the need for a philosophy of singularity as well as for a re-thinking of bodies in philosophy. Yet, as the author of this dissertation is committed to the project of singularity as the only way to think bodies philosophically, it is fundamental that she situate herself as a writer. In doing so, she places this project within the Latin American Post-colony and asks what a re-thinking of the body can contribute to understand the present state of Latin America by putting the work of Cavarero in conversation with Cristina Rivera Garza, María Lugones, Santiago Castro-Gómez, among other Latin American thinkers as well as postcolonial thinkers like Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Sara Ahmed.

Available for download on Friday, December 09, 2033