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Daytona sand, Daytona beach, fiction novel, opioid crisis, Florida


Layered with elements of tension, high-risk suspense, and an unlikely romance, “Daytona Sand” is a work of long-form fiction that introduces readers to August Peterson, an adolescent girl growing up in the throws of the ever-growing opioid epidemic on the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. After witnessing the passing of her own father due to substance abuse and watching as her mother stumbles toward a similar fate, August grapples with concepts of self-preservation and interpersonal trust as she begins to peel back the layers of what she once perceived to be reality and attempts to convince herself that we are not what has happened to us — that we are forever capable of self-reinvention. At it’s heart, “Daytona Sand '' is a story centered around themes of survival and vigilance all while reminding us of the importance of remaining tender in spite of it all.

Available for download on Friday, July 08, 2033