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Modern Languages - Spanish


Convivencia, rhizome, chronotope, medieval Spain, Abrahamic religions


It has been said that the study of medieval Al-Andalus with the purpose to shed light on Middle Eastern relationships in today's world would be a fruitless endeavor. The two worlds are not synonymous, even though Muslims, Jews and Christians continue to live together at present time in a small geographic area. Many are familiar with the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, but many more are unaware of the cohabitation that took place between Christians, Muslims and Jews for over 700 years in Spain, known as Convivencia. This thesis aims to add to the discussion of relations between Abrahamic Religions in today’s Israel-Palestine through literary analysis of first hand Medieval Jewish, Christian and Muslim texts and placing them on a spectrum of Convivencia, ranging from Convivencia discordia to Convivencia pacífica. Texts explored are excerpts from El Cantar de Mío Cid, the Tahkemoni by Judah Ibn-Harīzī, and zajal and muwashshaha style poetry by Ibn-Quzmān and Al A’ma al-Tutīlī. By comparing the rhizome and chronotope experienced in Medieval Spain with those being experienced in Israel-Palestine, this thesis will continue to add to the discussion of relations between Abrahamic religions.