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Interdisciplinary Studies


transculturals, International School, multicultural education, identity negotiation, rhetorical discourse practices


This qualitative research study explores how the analysis of identity narratives written by transcultural individuals who attended international high schools can strengthen researchers' and international school teachers' understanding of how to better assist this population in negotiating their multicultural identities. This study examines a sample of eight narratives written by adult transculturals now in their twenties who attended high school at the International Christian School of Vienna (ICSV). The analysis of the identity narratives also aims to shed light on how the power structures present in the international school affect transculturals ongoing identity construction and perception of their agency and place on the global stage. The resulting research paper considers the effects that experience had on shaping their current understanding of their cultural identity. It also explores how the interplay of identity, power dynamics and rhetorical/discursive practices within the international school can aid adolescent transculturals in better understanding the construction, negotiation, and ongoing transformation of their multi-faceted identities. This project draws upon the intersecting arenas of intercultural communication identity theories, critical rhetorical/discourse analysis, and the rhetorical impact of narrative.