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Interdisciplinary Studies


Creative nonfiction, girls and adhd, evolution, judaism and atheism, science education


Tectonic Shift evolved from my desire to examine the role that science has played in my life: as a student, a Jewish American, a friend, a daughter, a writer. My personal search for an understanding of the world around me is what ties together the pieces in Tectonic Shift. In these pages I explore everything from my views on creative nonfiction to my burgeoning fossil collection, all in the context of my larger quest to understand myself and my place in the world.

The question I set out to answer in the following pages—how have my ADHD diagnosis and my subsequent love affair with science helped to shape the young woman I have become?—is one that has framed much of my thinking in the years since I completed my undergraduate degree. Before my diagnosis, I did not consider my mind a refuge I could escape into to save myself from the chaos of the world around me. But after my diagnosis I discovered salvation in science.