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Fall 11-23-2021

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Noise in the operating room (OR) can be from many sources, including personnel and medical equipment. Excessive noise is prevalent in the OR and can lead to distractions, interruptions, stress, and medical errors. These distractions have been well-documented in the literature and can reduce the quality of patient care. Awareness and education have proven to be solutions to noise reduction, but there is little evidence in the literature regarding the adoption of a clinical guideline. The goal of this study is to bring awareness of noise levels in the OR, the most common noise distractions, and how these relate to adverse events for the patient through the adaptation of an education tool as an initial step for future researchers to develop a guideline. The researchers measured decibel levels in the OR prior to and after the implementation of an educational tool for noise reduction in the OR. Seventeen surgical cases were evaluated, and a post-intervention survey was sent out to OR staff. While there was no significant difference between the sound levels pre- and post-intervention, the majority of healthcare providers defined excessive noise as a problem in the OR that ultimately leads to miscommunication and specifically, added stress.

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