General Assemblies

General and Sexennial Assemblies of the Congregation of the Mission. The General Assemblies (called Chapters in some communities) were held for two reasons: (1) to elect a superior general; (2) for other business of the Congregation at least every twelve years. Sexennial Assemblies were held six years after the previous general assembly with limited representation to decide whether a general assembly should be held. The minutes of these assemblies have been transcribed in typewritten form. The text is mainly in Latin. The original registers are kept in the archives of the General Curia in Rome. These minutes are of great importance for Vincentian history since they present, if not the actual debates, at least the results of the debates and sometimes the vote counts.

The continuing effect of the assemblies was embodied in the decrees issued afterward. In many cases, these were left to the superior general and his council to formulate. These texts are in Latin. Demonstrating the importance of these decrees, they were collected in one volume, Collectio Completa Decretorum Conventuum Generalium Congregationis Missions (Paris, 1882). It is indexed. From 1882 to 1963, the decrees were issued in separate pages, also in Latin. An English version of the decrees in force in 1964 was drawn up by the General Curia.

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