De Andrein

A major achievement of the students of St. Mary’s of the Barrens was the regular publication of their student newspaper. Originally titled, The Andrean, it began as a typewritten, hand illustrated piece that appears to have been circulated among the student body from 1928 to 1930. In November 1930, the format and title changed to The DeAndrein. The printed newspaper included copies of photographs, and was offered for sale to alumni, family, and friends. This informative publication continued uninterrupted until 1965. Many issues of The DeAndrein (newsletter) from June 1940 to December 1963; various programs, goals, directions, etc.; many pamphlets and leaflets covering history, devotions, celebrations, library guides, catalogs; different newsletters, reports, writings, alumni listings, and choice of province requests; pictures of the buildings, grounds, camp, individuals, and groups; letters from or about Saint Mary's; letters from the Miraculous Medal Center.

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