The DePaul Journal for Social Justice will promote discussion of social justice policy issues, encourage submissions of interdisciplinary work, and accept work with a non-conventional presentation. The discussions will involve legal professionals, including community-based leaders, academics and students. Though the journal will use a traditional law review framework, it will also explore alternative types of publication and expand content options to broaden access and better engage readers.

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 Winter 2015

Dear Loyal Readers,

Since taking the role as Editor-in-Chief, the Journal for Social Justice continues to work together to develop a scholarly journal that is dedicated to open people’s minds to lesser-known injustices. We are now moving forward and marking a new era by transitioning our paperback journal to an electronic format. By eliminating hard cover journals, we believe we can encourage environmentally sustainable practices, reduce the cost of purchase, and improve the ease and access to our Journal. In continuing to focus on issues of social justice, we hope to produce a summer edition, with a focus on the intersection of the criminal justice system and immigration. Aligning with this focus, we plan on hosting a spring symposium concentrating on crimmigration, bringing in practitioners, professors, and legal scholars to speak on the issues from various standpoints.

We welcome you to our online format along with DePaul’s other journals.



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