About This Journal

Welcome to the DePaul Journal of Sports Law , the City of Chicago's first and only law journal dedicated exclusively to legal issues involving sports. The Journal began publication of Volume 1 in 2003 and has continued to publish an annual volume addressing various current topics that impact local and national economies, community relations and political decision. In addition to the annual publications, the Journal hosts a symposium in the spring for students, scholars, professionals, and sports enthusiasts. The panelists discuss their experiences and explore the intersection between law and sports.


The DePaul Journal of Sports Law (ISSN 0011-7188) is published annually by DePaul University College of Law, 25 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604-2287. Subscriptions are accepted only on a per volume basis only. They are payable in advance and will be renewed automatically unless notification to the contrary is received. The annual price for a subscription to DePaul Journal of Sports Law is $50.00.