Volume 12, Issue 1 Spring 2002: The Recording Academy Entertainment Law Initiative Legal Writing Competition 2001-02

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Editor in Chief
Brian Pollock

Lead Articles Editor
Sara Foskitt

Case Notes & Comments Editor
Patricia Emshwiller

Legislative Updates Editor
Stacey Fiene

Case Summaries Editor
Amy Sinclair

Lead Articles Solicitor
Johanna Tracy

Business Editor
William Crane

Writing Staff
Michael Adams
Panagiotis Albanis
London Bell
Robert Carroll
Kristen Frost
Michael Fiorentino
Maria Guerra
Sonia Gonzalez
Ethan Heyward
Brian LaCien
Amber McGovern
Kelly O’Connor
Avani Patel
Michael Pattarozzi
Christine Quintos
Laura Rybka
Anthony Steinike
Courtney Siders
Michael Steadman
Gabrielle Stormo

Faculty Advisors
Patty Gerstenblith
Maureen Collins
Brian Havel
Roberta R. Kwall
Wayne K. Lewis
John Roberts
Jeffrey Shaman