Behind the Scenes: Journal of Theatre Production Practice

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This paper explores notions of hybridity within an intercultural large-scale

show in Bali, including levels of innovation, synthesized processes, scenery and

safety considerations. As the original stage manager, I will discuss the mounting of

the show from a technical production perspective, giving attention to the use and

management of the stage space and its supporting environments. The focus is on

hybridity in the context of the term ‘syncretic theatre’, which “integrates performance

elements of different cultures into a form that aims to retain the cultural integrity of

the specific materials used while forging new texts and theatre practices” (Lo &

Gilbert, 2002, pp. 35-36). While the content and form of intercultural performance has

been viewed through the lens of hybridity, the backstage management aspects have

not been considered within this rubric to the same extent. This paper explores how

innovation, negotiation and adaptation created a hybrid organisational entity during

the production processes of Bali Agung, a Balinese legend performed by Indonesian

artists on an ‘international’ style mega-stage.