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Winter 1-15-2016

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Nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas in clinical practice and research. The purpose of this study is to synthesize the ethical frameworks for decision-making in nursing practice and research. A systematic, computer-based literature and ancestry searches were conducted to retrieve articles from 1956 to 2015. The data analysis focused on ethical dilemmas and the corresponding ethical frameworks used for their resolution in relation to nursing practice and research. The findings indicate that the international and national code of ethics by professional nursing organizations around the world are the standard references for nurses to frame their ethical decisions both in nursing practice and research. Moreover, nursing research has many layers of codes, regulations, and laws, which provide the nurse additional guidance and support in conducting research in an ethical and legal manner, particularly in complex, ethical, research-related decisions. Evidence-based ethical frameworks could potentially result in better patient care and clinical outcomes.


Ethics, code of ethics, ethical frameworks, nursing practice, nursing research

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