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Miranda Lukatch, with Nathaniel Michaud



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Originally published by the Compagnie des Filles de la Charité in 1988 as Contre Vents et Marées: Louise de Marillac, this title has been newly translated, redesigned as an e-book, illustrated, and republished by the V.S.I., with the permission of the Daughters of Charity. Numerous quotes within the text have also been updated and reannotated to meet the English language standard provided by recent translations of Louise and Vincent’s letters and words. Sr. Charpy presents this biography of Louise de Marillac as woman, wife, mother, foundress, and indispensable collaborator with Vincent de Paul in founding the Vincentian tradition. In so doing, she seeks to highlight the spiritual insights Louise gained and then expressed in her life as a mystic, and as a hands-on servant of the poor.

Publication Date



DePaul University Vincentian Studies Institute


Chicago, IL


louise de marillac, daughters of charity, biography

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United States



Subject Headings

Vincent de Paul, Saint, 1581-1660, Louise de Marillac, Saint, 1591-1660, Vincentians, Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

Louise de Marillac: Come Winds or High Waters