Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Joseph Mikels

Project Abstract

Previous research indicates that exercise leads to an increase in the cognitive abilities of older adults (Pereira, et al., 2019). 90 participants aged 60-90 participated in an 8-week exercise intervention program, in which they were assigned to a health-related framing condition, in which they received positively, negatively, or neutrally framed messages and completed questionnaires. The present study examined the relationship between changes in light to strenuous activity and changes in information processing and selective attention. We also examined the relationship between program adherence and information processing and selective attention. Lastly, we examined the effect of condition on these cognitive abilities. Our analysis found that there was no relationship between the change in light to strenuous exercise during the program and increased cognitive ability. There was also no effect of attendance or condition on cognitive ability. Future research might investigate relationships between physical activity and other cognitive measures of memory or creativity.

Type of Research

Undergraduate Student - Independent Study


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