Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Dr. Joseph Ferrari

Project Abstract

When considering how an individual feels about the present conditions and potential future conditions in his/her life as well as an overall level of hope for life’s outcomes, it should be expected that multiple factors may influence these expectations. Perhaps someone’s overall outlook on life based on past experiences molds how he/she views the world and its possibilities. It is all too easy to experience some negative happenings that result in someone being pessimistic about what life has to offer, just as positive experiences may promote a more optimistic view on life. An overall mindset on life seems to be a strong predictor of how an individual sees the present and future, as well as how much hope is involved with this mental projection. This study set out to explore whether or not one’s subjective sense of well-being is predictive of their consideration of future and immediate consequences and subjective feelings of hope.

Type of Research

Junior Year Experiential Learning (JYEL)


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Presentation Year

May 2019