Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Leonard Jason

Project Abstract

Substance misusers in romantic relationships tend to use substances and face substance use related issues more frequently than those not in romantic relationships (Wiersma & Fisher, 2014; Torvik et al., 2013). However, the effects of romantic relationships on substance use varies by gender (Impett & Peplau, 2006). Little empirical evidence exists on the effects of romantic relationships on an individual’s recovery, particularly among those with a history of incarceration (Leonard & Mudar, 2003). The current study analyzed data from a longitudinal study of 270 participants with a history of incarceration. This study found that relationship status was a significant predictor of relapse. Specifically, participants who were in a stable relationship had a lower probability of relapsing. No interaction effects were found for gender and relationship status in predicting relapse. These findings contribute to our understanding about the effects of romantic relationships on recovery.

Type of Research

Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunity for Scholarship (DUOS), McNair Scholar, Graduate Student - Independent Study


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