Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Sarah Callahan

Project Abstract

Children of substance abusing parents often exhibit high levels of stress and dysfunction due to trauma, neglect, transient lifestyles, and custodial issues with their parents. Further, when parents do seek treatment and then aftercare, there are limited housing resources available to them that would allow them to keep their children. Oxford House is a network of democratically run, mutual-help substance abuse recovery homes, and many of these homes allow parents to live with their minor children. This study used a mixed methods approach to explore the stress and perceived social support of children living in Oxford Houses with their parents. Quantitative results showed that children had relatively low stress levels, as well as reported multiple sources of social support within and outside of the Oxford House. Emergent theme patterns in the open-ended questions showed that children valued the time they spent in their Oxford House, and thought the experience to be a positive one. The implications for practice and future research are discussed.

Type of Research

Junior Year Experiential Learning (JYEL)


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