Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Casa Central

Project Abstract

La Posada is an interim housing program for homeless. We are located in Humboldt Park and are here to serve the Hispanic community, but we are open for all, if eligible. Our goal is to restore families who are experiencing homelessness to stable and permanent living situations by providing interim housing for up to 120 days. Apart from housing, we also provide case management and support services to identify each family's strengths and needs, thereby addressing the root causes of homelessness and preventing recurrence. Within La Posada, we have child care and an EDUCATE program, which helps the participants build upon their skills like communication, time management, computer, etc. We also help them create or fix their resume and then take it a step further and apply to jobs. We have speakers come in every month to talk about health, their rights as homeless and also how to manage their finances. Overall, we are here to support the struggling community members and provide them with services to better their future.

Type of Research

Independent Study


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