Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Russell Steiger

Project Abstract

This poster analyzes the study called ‘Communications using Digital Media’. The purpose of this study is to assess individual aggression after being exposed to a sense of rejection. To administer this response we led the participants to believe that they would be having a chat conversation with another participant over email. This other participant was in fact fictional and our participant would end up writing an ‘about me’ just to get rejected by this fictional participant. After this we would ask the experimental group to write an essay about a time when they were valued, and ask the control group about their daily commute. Once they’re finished we tell them that the participant who had rejected them earlier is taking part in another study has to consume whatever amount of hot sauce they pour into a container. We predicted that the control group would be more aggressive than the experimental group because they do not feel valued after the rejection. After looking at the results of this study I wanted to see what type of people were more skeptic throughout the study and became suspicious of our true purpose. This poster is a basic comparison of who is more suspicious.

Type of Research

Independent Study


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