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Victoria Zygmunt

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Molly Brown

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The following poster presentation highlights Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center’s mission of serving individuals regardless of financial status and creating therapeutic alliances that cultivate recovery and personal growth and development, as well as services they provide to clients struggling with substance use disorders. Above and Beyond is an outpatient facility with different services provided to clients including individual therapy and many options of group therapy. The agency is mainly harm reduction-based, but clients are also welcome to choose an abstinence approach to guide them through their recovery instead. In addition to working on substance use disorders, Above and Beyond also provides services to help the betterment of client lives in general, through offering aid to find housing and employment, as well as GED classes. To apply, visit the Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center website at Under the Get Involved tab, click Intern Program and fill out the intern application. Interested individuals may also contact the intern supervisor at

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