Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Dr. Susan Markunas

Project Abstract

Research has found people in ordered environments make healthier choices, while people in disordered environments perform better on creativity tasks. Two lab studies were conducted to expand upon this research through exploring how workplace orderliness affects food consumption and creativity. In Study 1, participants (N=118) completed 3 divergent thinking tasks and multiple personality questionnaires. During these tasks, a package of Oreos was placed next to participants to measure food intake. We hypothesized that a disordered work environment might prime busyness, which would induce stress, and lead people to consume more to cope with the stress. Results showed no differences in creativity across conditions. However, an independent samples t-test showed that participants in the disordered condition ate significantly more Oreos (M=2.95, SD=3.02) compared to participants in the ordered condition (M=1.40, SD=2.01), p

Type of Research

Independent Study


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