Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Dr. Molly Brown

Project Abstract

This presentation will provide viewers with an understanding of Compassionate Care Network and their mission as a Chicago based non-profit organization. The populations served by CCN are primarily low income communities and immigrant communities, and the primary goal of CCN is to provide patients in Chicago with reduced cost medical services and providers, as well as advocate for those experiencing healthcare disparities. In the last year, Compassionate Care Network has dedicated endless time and resources to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic; as of May 1st, they have distributed thousands of COVID tests, and as they have become more widely available, COVID vaccines. In addition, interns for CCN are offered a wide range of opportunities, including volunteering to organize community vaccination events, developing and running CCN social media accounts, and networking with professionals in the healthcare field. CCN also places emphasis on providing continuing support for their interns, and giving them a space to speak openly about world events, voice opinions, and develop connections with other interns. It is made clear to interns that mental health and wellness are the foundations for the organization, therefore they constantly promote different ways to implement self care and encourage interns to take care of themselves. This presentation will include an application for future interns, as well as agency contact information.

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Human Services Concentration


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