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This presentation will describe an internship experience at Dr. Ashraf Salhi Clinic. The mission of this organization is to provide psychiatric and mental health services to individuals ranging from ages 2 years-old and up. There are various clinicians who are specialized in different fields so as to better assist clients’ needs. The clinic aims to create a safe space for individuals suffering from mental illness by exhibiting the five principles of Trauma Informed Care: safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment. Another goal of this internship site is to be welcoming to anyone regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, social status, and economic status. There are various services offered by Dr. Ashraf Salhi clinic such as psychiatric care, counseling services, family and group therapy, couples’ therapy, substance abuse and addiction treatment, medication management, and neurodevelopmental disorders services. Clients are welcome to schedule appointments or request home visits from the psychiatrists and psychologists on the team. The presentation will conclude with application information for future interns who are interested in interning at Dr. Ashraf Salhi Clinic. Dr. Ashraf Salhi accepts applications at any time and responds in a timely manner regarding their decision.

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