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Jeanette Estrada

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Jumpstart is designed as an enhanced head start program that provides literacy, language and social-emotional skills to pre-school aged kids from under-resourced communities to prepare for kindergarten readiness. They recognize how much early educational experiences can make a lasting impact in a child’s scholastic career moving forward. Supervisors provided training for all employees in order to ensure a well-rounded education for all of the students in the Chicago Public Schools that they partner with. Small teams are created that work with children from each school; It is typically a team of four interns that work with four pre-school children, for a one-to-one ratio. Lesson plans lasted about an hour and a half and given the pandemic, included reading, art, and various other activities to engage the students virtually. Meetings would occur every week that enabled all workers to build a sense of community and provide information on social issues that are occurring that could potentially be impacting the children of the communities Jumpstart serves. The meetings were also used to give feedback on how to improve each lesson plan that is taught. To apply to Jumpstart, go to or contact the project manager Jeanette Estrada at

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