Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

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Dr. Molly Brown

Project Abstract

This presentation will describe an internship experience within the PSY-395 Class Advocacy Project. The mission of the Class Advocacy Project is to advocate for mental health awareness. Mental health is often disregarded within society and the mission of this project is to detail how mental health stability is essential for an individual to prosper within society. The services offered within this internship is mental health advocacy through social media platforms, mental health support, and academic guidance. The social media platform that was used in this project was Instagram and there were various posts created through the social media page that detailed information on mental health awareness, social injustices, and social justice frameworks. Moreover, the mental health support service entailed creating a safe space for the population the interns served. Lastly, the academic guidance service offered assistance on resumes, applications for scholarships and colleges, curriculum-based issues (e.g., math, science, reading, and writing), and/or peer-review processes. Additionally, the interns participated in extensive self-reflection activities and self-educating activities which furthered their knowledge on the population they served. The population the Class Advocacy Project served were BIPOC youth whose ages ranged from 12-18 years old. This presentation will conclude with the appropriate application information for future interns.

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Human Services Concentration


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