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Dr. Brown

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Telpochcalli Community Education Project mission is to mobilize youth and adults for social justice work by building individual capacity, collective power and mutual responsibility through culturally relevant and community directed education, leadership development and organizing. It is a non-profit organization focused on creating social change in the community. It is located in the Little Village neighborhood, their primarily focus is on the Hispanic population including residents from surrounding neighborhoods. It consists of two components, adults and youth. Some of the services offered for adults consist of art, computer literacy, ESL, GED, sewing workshop and Spanish literacy. As for the youth, services offered are its summer institute, tutoring, mentorship and Girl Talk. As an intern at TCEP there is a lot of collaborative work between adults and the youth leaders to create events and programs to address ongoing issues. WIth weekly meetings, youth leaders come together to put together a curriculum for how they vision a program to be executed. There are always opportunities given to be able to enhance one’s skills and put ideas into action. Edwin Rabadan is the youth coordinator for TCEP’s youth component, Ollin, Jackeline Gongora is the main parent leader in charge of its parent component.

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