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Luciano Berardi

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Previous literature found that a lack sense of school belonging is related to negative academic performance prior to the pandemic. The pandemic and transitioning to remote learning has changed students' perceptions of school belongingness such that there is an increased sense of disconnect from the university and feelings of isolation among students. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between students’ sense of belonging before and during the pandemic and how perceptions of university support of students during the pandemic may have impacted sense of belonging. Findings indicate that there was a significant interaction between sense of belonging and perception of university support for students during the pandemic; such that students that had a lower sense of belonging prior to pandemic and disagreed to university support, drastically decreased in their sense of belonging post COVID. Students that felt the university did support students during the pandemic had a slight increase in sense of school belongingness over time. Universities should seek to foster an environment that embodies a strong sense of belongingness, especially during the pandemic and remote learning.

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CAA Research Lab


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