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Dr. Molly Brown

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Interning at By Your Side (BYS) has been filled with incredible memories. This internship provided multiple instances where helping these amazing children achieve their long- and short-term goals is so rewarding. Their mission is to hire great people and empower them. They also want to their employees to have fun doing what they love to do without compromising the quality to these precious beings. BYS provides in center and in home. Those are the two key environments provided to the Autism community. Within in center and in home, they provide ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis), Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Social Groups, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, BYS Academy-School Readiness, and diagnostic evaluations. When considering BYS, it is important to understand that working with Autism Children takes a lot of patience and energy. They are precious beings that needs lots of attention and patience. To apply, click on the link at the top right-hand corner of the poster and that will lead to the main page of BYS. Then go to the 3 bars on the right-hand corner of the front page and under the bars, find careers. From here, it will provide the locations and job titles that are available.

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