Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations

Poster Title

CHOICE Lab Internship

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Dr. Molly Brown

Project Abstract

The presentation will describe an internship experience at the Child Health and Obesity Intervention through Community Engagement (CHOICE) Lab at DePaul. The lab recognizes how systemic barriers linked to racism and oppression limit access to health care, prescription drugs, and healthful foods and limit opportunities for physical activity. This is why the lab is committed to working at the individual, community, and policy levels to build partnerships and develop interventions that combat health inequities. The services provided through this lab are numerous and include studies that range from but are not limited to COVID contact tracing, Predictors of Lunch Program Participation in Chicago Public High Schools (CHOMP), Psychosocial stressors and physical health symptoms in undergraduate students, and also an e-Health intervention program for Hispanic women undergoing active treatment for breast cancer. Some activities included in the internship are weekly lab meetings, coding, analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data, and working together as a team to help one another with their tasks. A large portion of the internship for CHOMP focuses on qualitative data interpretation of interviews in which lab members must read and code data to organize it, and then take these analyses and write results from them. The presentation will conclude with application information for future interns.

Type of Research

Human Services Concentration


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