Psychology Night Research Posters and Presentations


Caitlyn Reich

Faculty Sponsor, if applicable

Dr. Alice Stuhlmacher

Project Abstract

Previous research has found that women may face less social pressure during virtual negotiation, and would therefore be able to perform better (Stuhlmacher et al., 2007). The current study aimed to explore whether or not if given the option, women would choose to negotiate in a virtual environment. Other individual difference variables were also explored. Approximately 100 DePaul Students were recruited into the study. Each participant was told that they would be participating in a job offer negotiation, they would then choose online or face to face negotiation and fill out various individual differences questionnaires. An independent samples t-test was performed supporting the main hypothesis that women are more likely to choose virtual negotiation and men are more likely to choose face to face negotiation (p = 0.02). Possible explanations, implications, and suggestions for further research are discussed.

Type of Research

Department Honors


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