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Bernadette Sanchez

Project Abstract

Mentoring has been viewed as an important intervention to promote positive youth development, but little is known about its role in Latinx populations. This poster will present findings of a systematic review on mentoring for Latinx children and adolescents. It will focus specifically on the factors that influence the effectiveness of mentors among Latinx youth (moderators). This review will provide a better understanding of how to support youth through natural and formal mentoring relationships. All studies used in this review were searched through all EBSCO databases from 1991 to January 2019. The majority of the electronic records were identified via ERIC, PsychINFO, Academic Search Complete, and Education Research Complete. Search terms included were mentor*, Latin*, Hispanic, adolescent, child, youth, and college student. Twenty studies were included in the review phase, formal mentors (n=16), natural mentors (n=4). Preliminary findings show that mentors for Latinx youth are associated with positive outcomes, including improved academic outcomes, school belonging, social support, and alleviated psychological risks.

Type of Research

Undergraduate Student - Independent Study


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Presentation Year

May 2019