Dan S. Wang

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2013 interview with Dan S. Wang by Katy Canzone


Artist Bio:

Dan S. Wang is a writer, artist, organizer, and printer who was born in the American Midwest in 1968 to immigrant parents. Dan’s constant concerns are the relationships between art + politics, critical reflection + social action, place + history. His research includes inquiries into the postindustrial cultural politics of the Midwest, letterpress printing as an archaeology of obsolescence, race and difference in the theater of crisis capitalism, and the cultural landscape of postsocialist China.

As a print media artist he primarily uses letterpress printing and hand set typography but avails himself of other media as words and letterforms hit their limits. His drawings, prints, sculptures, and other projects have been featured in two solo exhibitions and more than twenty-five group exhibitions, but mostly exist in small circles of functional and activist settings.

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