Kuna Na

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Kuna Na interview with Edward Kim


Artist Bio:

“I like to self-identify as an artist first, and then a woman, and then as a teacher, and then as an Asian/ Korean But as an artist, it has to be universal. It’s a large picture. I’d like to be part of the large picture rather than just an Asian American.”

Kuna Na is a Korean-born artist who teaches a diverse group of pre-kindergarten students in Chicago. She and her husband, Jim, reside in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. They opened an art gallery together in their community and named it mn Gallery after the first initials of their last names: Molnar and Na. Since 2000 they have been successful in showcasing artists in the community and beyond. They have since more or less closed their gallery but plan to reopen it again in the future.

- Artist bio written by Edward Kim in conversation with Kuna Na.

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