Leila Abdelrazaq

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Spring 6-5-2018


Leila Abdelrazaq interview by Quest Sawyer.


Artist Bio: Leila Abdelrazaq is a Palestinian author/artist, who was born in Chicago. Her work combines art and activism, addressing topics such as diaspora, refugees, history, memory, and borders. In 2015, she graduated from DePaul University with a BFA in Theatre and BA in Arabic Studies. She is best known for her graphic novel Baddawi (April 2015)- a story about her father’s refugee experience. Her website ( also contains comics and zines, illustrations, and prints she’s created based on self- expression and her love of activism. Leila is also the founder of a blog called Bigmouth Press and Comix, which creates a platform for women and others of African, Middle East, Muslim, and South Asian (AMMS) decent to attack issue, such as imperialism, gender, sexuality, etc., through their artwork.