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The University Avenue Project: A Six-Mile Inquiry, Installation View, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN (2006-2010)

The University Avenue Project: A Six-Mile Photographic Inquiry For three years Huie photographed the dizzying diversity in the St. Paul neighborhoods connected by this major thoroughfare. From old world to developing world to modern world, this jammed stretch of storefronts, big box retailers, blue-collar neighborhoods, and burgeoning condominium communities—in the midst of one of the highest concentration of international immigrants in the country—collectively reflects the colliding and evolving American experience. In 2010, in collaboration with Saint Paul Public Art, a six-mile gallery of 500 photographs transformed University Avenue, exhibited in store windows and on buildings. The centerpiece was a spectacular installation site where dual outdoor photographic slide shows were projected nightly on billboard-sized screens in a former car dealership lot, accompanied by prerecorded soundtracks by local musicians.


St. Paul, Minnesota, documentary photography, Asian American