Silent Chaos


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PATANG Patang, meaning “kite”, has a great significance in Indian culture. For centuries Indians have celebrated the festival of Uttarayan, where the skies are filled with colorful kites; rooftops are crowded with cheering men, women and children of all ages; and music blasts from speakers to be heard throughout the villages. But this is not just a day to fly kites, but one of reflection and renewal. When a kite is cut from its string, it does not fly freely but instead becomes lost only to wander aimlessly. The kites remind us that our lives too must be in the hands of God, guided by Truth, in order for us to soar towards freedom and victory. The fundamentals of this simple festival inspired this colorful series of paintings I call Patang. Though far from India, whenever I see a kite flying high, I feel a sense of freedom and the comfort of being grounded all at once.


Indian, Rockford, Illinois, South Asian, painting, drawing, illustration