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An Examination of Certified Nurse-Midwives' Attitudes and Beliefs Surrounding Breastsleeping: Implications for Advanced Nursing Practice and Education

Lucy Mueller Wiesemann

Assessing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists’ Knowledge and Utilization of Regional Oximetry

Nicole Strode, DePaul University
Shelly Parker

Correlation of Mobile Device Application Use During Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist Training and First Time NCE Pass Rates

Morgan Lewis, DePaul University
Garrett Sawyer, DePaul University

CRNA Clinical Instructors Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices on Pimping in SRNA Clinical Education

Ross Phillips

CRNAs and Sugammadex Use: A Qualitative Analysis

Natalia Izquierdo BSN, RN, DePaul University
Emily Mancewicz BSN, RN, DePaul University

Evaluation of Health and Wellness Education Components, Modalities and Timing on SRNA Self Efficacy and Coping

jessica rogers
Amanda Hemple

Examining the Efficacy of Web-Based Quality Improvement Hand Hygiene Education in Reducing Post-Cesarean Birth Surgical Site Infection

Lilian Allen

Impact of Implementing Delirium Precautions on Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Interventions in a Veteran Inpatient Hospice Population

Zoe Palisoc
Kevin Bacigalupo, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center
Emily Ellsworth, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center
Seema Limaye, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center
Kavita Palla, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center
Katie J. Suda, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center
Joyce M. Wang, Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Medical Center

Implementing Positive Language in Anesthesia: Utilizing the Comfort Scale

Elisabeth Prehm
Tricia Oakes

Improved Representation and Effective Communication Positively Impact the Nursing Education Experience of Male Student and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Max Bader
John Gockman, DePaul University

Improving Care for Homeless Young Adults: A Shelter Client and Health Service Provider Perspective

Kenya Kawanee Hemingway, DePaul University

Intraoperative Management of Lumbar Cerebrospinal Fluid Drains: A Reference Tool

Victoria Shink
Amanda Galik

Item Bank Development and Testing of the Perioperative Non-Opioid Modalities (PNOM) Questionnaire: A Pilot Study

Austin Tucker RN, BSN, DNP(C), DePaul University
James Wong RN, BSN, DNP(C), DePaul University

Malignant Hyperthermia Simulation

Michael D. Quidort, DePaul University
Rachael K. Tse, DePaul University

Medical Cannabis: Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitudes of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Adam Conlon

Self-Management and Quality of Life in Young Adults After Healthcare Transition

Jennifer Herbert

The Effects of Guided Meditation on the Stress Levels of Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Olivia Nassoiy
Abigail Hadley, NorthShore University School of Nurse Anesthesia

Use of Fiberoptic Intubation Simulation to Enhance Skill and Confidence Among Anesthesia Providers

Fredrich F. Raz, DePaul University
Kris Toribio, DePaul University