Napoleon Translations

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Bulletin Suivant and Ministère de la Guerre

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Chelsea Lindeman
Emily Wisser

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Translator's Note

Bulletin Suivant and Ministère de la Guerre were both written in 1815, during the era of the Napoleonic Wars. Bulletin Suivant is an article written by a reporter, which recounts the events that took place during the battle of Waterloo. It also contains an excerpt from the Journal de Paris that details the progress of the British and Prussian armies, headed by the Duke of Wellington and Prince Blücher, respectively, between June 27th and 29th. The second document, Ministère de la Guerre, relates to the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo. Because Napoleon’s army met defeat, the allied powers wrote a treaty that aimed to create a new system of power in lieu of Napoleon’s downfall. The document is an official treaty written on July 3rd, which presents the articles upon which the powers within the wars agreed. Among these powers are Baron Bignon, Count Guilleminot, and Count De Bondy on behalf of Marshal Prince of Eckmuhl from France; Baron Müfling on behalf of Generalfeldmarschall Prince Blücher from Prussia; and Colonel Hervy on behalf of S.E. Duke of Wellington from Britain. This treaty also serves as an introduction of the leaders and important titles in the armies that were involved.

The following report was published—in greater detail—at the Headquarters of Prince Schwarzenberg on June 21st and was delivered to Zurich by the Russian and Austrian post.