Napoleon Translations

Title of Translation

Testament of Empress Josephine

Title of Original Work

Testament de Impératrice Joséphine

Author(s) of Translation

Emily Delehanty
Kristen Gayer

Document Type


Date of Translation Publication


Original Work Publication Date

January 1814

Translator's Note

The following document is the last will and testament of the Empress Joséphine (June 23, 1763 - May 29, 1814). Born in Martinique as Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, Joséphine married Napoléon Bonaparte in 1796, after her first husband was guillotined during the French Revolution. Napoléon later divorced Joséphine because she (allegedly) could not bear him an heir, although she had two children from her first marriage. After the divorce Josephine lived in retirement at Malmaison, where this will was written and discovered.