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This map was created in GEO 441: GIS for Community Development in Fall of 2016 by Eric T. Cormack. One of the cornerstones of second-wave feminism was a woman’s choice of whether to remain at home with her children or to remain in the work force after having kids. As more two-parent households become dual-income they required additional child care services. One would expect that the capacity of child care facilities corresponds to the employment rate of mothers of young children. However, this was not always the case. For example, Massac county has the tenth lowest capacity of childcare (about .05 spaces per each child under six, or less than one childcare services spot for every twenty children) but the seventh highest employment rate of mothers of young children (65%) according to the Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map. Affordability and accessibility might be factors in planning new child care facilities.


gis, economics, childcare, feminism

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